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Equity Jurisdiction

Have you heard of the Jurisdiction of Equity? It is a completely separate body of law which has been around for centuries. If the ‘Common Law’ (where statues and acts are enforced) allows the court to follow the letter of the law in the strictest sense, without reason or excuse. Then Equity is the body of law that looks at the spirit of the matter. Essentially, without equity, the ‘Common’ Law would not exist. Equity …

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Why Do You Hate Your Job?

We wake up, we get ready, we stand, packed like sardines in a tin, on a tube (or subway) and commute to work. We do 8 hours (only 3 or 4 hours are actually productive) then do the whole commuter thing in reverse. Now some people are happy with this life, but if you are still reading this… are you really happy with this life? The rat race. my mother always used to drill this …

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So, What is Money?

Not a trick question, actually it’s quite a loaded question.   I ask it because I believe in transparency, when making major business and financial decisions. Once I know what’s going on, I can make that decision with my eyes wide open and not get angry or disappointing. The problem, is that this vital information is in plain site but we live in a world that’s doing a decent job of keeping majority of people …

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Have a Perfected Lien and Not Sure What To Do Next?

Just a small Disclaimer – This blog post is UK Specific, how ever, do not write it off, the principles behind it may still have relevance based on the court system used in the country where you live. ___________   So you have followed the private lein process, but outside of the States, you have no idea how to take things to the next level. I totally understand. Finally we have an answer. best for …

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