Equity Jurisdiction

Have you heard of the Jurisdiction of Equity?

It is a completely separate body of law which has been around for centuries.

If the ‘Common Law' (where statues and acts are enforced) allows the court to follow the letter of the law in the strictest sense, without reason or excuse. Then Equity is the body of law that looks at the spirit of the matter.

Essentially, without equity, the ‘Common' Law would not exist.

Equity and the Common law have been at logger heads for centuries. And the system has done a reasonable job of keeping the people ignorant of this Jurisdiction.

In the UK, The Court of Equity is known as Chancery and resides in it's own building and it's own judges.

Equity requires that men answer for their wrongs and compels one to own up and to act ‘normal', there's no room for argument, there's just ‘perform correctly' or else.


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