Why Do You Hate Your Job?

We wake up, we get ready, we stand, packed like sardines in a tin, on a tube (or subway) and commute to work. We do 8 hours (only 3 or 4 hours are actually productive) then do the whole commuter thing in reverse.

Now some people are happy with this life, but if you are still reading this… are you really happy with this life? The rat race.

my mother always used to drill this phrase in my head when growing up (I was a fat kid). She would say….

Richard, you do not live to eat, we eat to live!

Notice the case in point – ” Eat to Live”

So my question to you is, are you Working to live (or exist) or are you living to work (do you have as mission or purpose in live and know what it is)?

More coming soon…


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